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Spend your time serving customers, not managing email campaigns—and get better results with both!


Creating effective email campaigns can be laborious, inefficient, and distract you from your core business. Praqtical will handle every aspect of your email marketing and campaign management. We’ll take the mundane details of email marketing off your plate and save you hours of writing, designing, testing and scheduling. Best of all, our knowledge and experience will ensure consistent, optimal results.

Praqtical’s managed email marketing service integrates with your social media and targeted direct mail programs to create a truly integrated marketing solution. Reach, Relevance and Repetition—that’s how Praqtical Marketing Works. Get Praqtical today.


From data to information and insights:


Engaged contacts are the people most likely to purchase or take advantage of your next offer. At Praqtical, we measure and analyze relevant campaign metrics that highlight engagement and relative performance. These insights are available to you on-demand via your campaign analytics dashboard.

“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill