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We make our clients superheros

Get noticed.
Win more customers.
Grow revenue.
Be a hero.


Discovery form to review objectives and performance

Step 1:  Discovery

Discuss your objectives and get a FREE online performance review.

We implement a personalized plan

Step 2:  Implementation

Implement a tailored plan with marketing that works.

Success. Be the hero.

Step 3:  Success

Get noticed, win customers and grow revenue. Be the hero with results to brag about.

Praqtical Marketing Works workspace and office


Most businesses know they need marketing to be successful, but they can’t do it alone and they’re frustrated with agencies that overpromise and underdeliver. As a result, they believe marketing is too expensive or just doesn’t work for them. We feel your pain.

We've combined years of corporate and agency experience to help businesses get noticed, win more customers and grow revenue. Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated, but you need a partner who knows how to apply the right tactics to your unique situation and objectives. We'll be your sidekick with amazing marketing that works. You’ll be the hero with results to brag about.

Holy donut hole! How much is ineffective marketing costing you?

Most businesses struggle to create marketing campaigns that get noticed, attract new customers and grow revenue. When your marketing isn’t working…

  • Potential customers never see your website. 

  • People don't leave good reviews.

  • ​You struggle to stand out in a crowded market.

  • Your sales materials are unremarkable.

  • Your marketing campaigns fall flat.

  • Customers don’t buy your products or services. 

Marketing doesn't have to be frustrating, but you need a sidekick who knows what works, and which tactic to apply to your unique situation and objectives. With Praqtical Marketing Works as your wingman, you'll be the hero – with marketing that works and results to brag about.

Visibility, customers and a better tomorrow.

At Praqtical Marketing Works, we’re hero-makers. We stand by your side to help you win more business, win against your competitors, and win the admiration of your customers, peers, family and friends. You are the hero.

Our clients are heros.


Praqtical Marketing Works partners with a highly select group of commercial printers, promotional products and apparel wholesalers, and digital marketing service providers to bring comprehensive best-in-breed solutions to clients. The Praqtical team manages these relationships so that you don't have to.


Swagopoly homepage image showing company microstore demo
Swagopoly microstores logo

We provide company branded microstores that enable you to offer logowear and promotional items to your customers, employees and partners with no inventory cost or hassle. 


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