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Visible, accurate and protected from unwanted changes.

Online Listings

Online Listings

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Build your online presence and search engine rank with Praqtical Marketing Works' industry-leading listings distribution, sync and management tools.

Build and Manage Online Listings

Your customers depend on up-to-date and easy-to-find  information about your business when looking for a solution to their needs. Make sure your business information is not only accurate, but available in all the places customers search for you.

Google My Business – is used to start the conversation with potential customers about your business.

Listing Distribution – will get you found on dozens of reputable and pertinent sites, including: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; plus the main data aggregators - Foursquare, Neustar/Localeze and Data Axle.

Listing Sync – protects your listings from unwanted changes. Create, update and check business listings across multiple sources in realtime from just one place. 

Listings Management is foundational to SEO

81% of people say their #1 source for selecting a business is online research – you’ve got to get it right AND, as things change, keep it current. 

SEO and Listings Management are fundamental to success

Search Engines
Love Listings Too

Search engines value popularity and accurate information just as much as your customers do. They reward these things with greater visibility and higher search ranking, which means more traffic to your website.


By distributing and managing your business information online, you assure that both customers and search engines can find you, which boosts your your online presence and keeps SEO strong. 

Get a FREE Online
Performance Review

Get a free Online Performance Review
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