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What is Geofencing Marketing?

A prospect's physical location can indicate purchase intent.

Geofencing Marketing allows marketers to deliver targeted display ads in very precise areas and to capture prospective customers' device ID’s from the places they visit such as, competitor locations, convention centers, retail locations, malls, event centers, neighborhoods, crosswalks – as small as 25 square feet – to determine behavioral traits and purchase intent.

Geofencing Marketing allows you to identify prospects and/or customers that enter your brick-and-mortar store, visit a car lot after hours or weekends, tour a home for sale, visit a competitor's location or attend an event. The records are then enhanced to create information-rich profiles of the very best prospects. These uniquely curated and qualified leads can be dropped into marketing automation for nurturing, used for targeted programmatic marketing campaigns, or handed off to a sales team for immediate follow-up. 

There are three elements that determine the success of any marketing campaign:  


the List


the Offer


the Creative

But, which is most important?


Designers will say it's compelling design that grabs a prospect's attention and elicits action. Copywriters will tell you that it's the way the offer is crafted that makes all the difference.  

Both are wrong – it’s the List (also known as the target audience) that is most important. Regardless of the media you use (digital, direct mail, email, social media or telemarketing), a good prospect list is up-to-date and targeted with laser precision. If it isn't, you may find out too late that your offer and creative were perfect, but the right people didn't see them, leading to an expensive disappointment. 

A ‘responsive’ list (one where the contacts have a history of purchasing products or services like yours) is better than a ‘compiled’ list. And, a 'qualified in-market’ prospect list, reflecting buyers' intent to purchase and refined to match your best customer personas, beats them both.

Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting

Targeting Tactics

  1. Website Retargeting

  2. Keyword Search Retargeting

  3. Keyword Contextual Targeting

  4. Category Contextual Targeting

  5. Geofencing - Competitors

  6. Geofencing - Events

  7. Geofencing - Customer Loyalty

  8. Household Addressable Geofencing

Get more information on Geofencing Marketing:

printable information Digital Canvassing

Website Visitor ID

Website Visitor Identification unmasks the anonymity of engaged audiences and triggers meaningful content that increases conversion. Some of your best prospects have already visited your website. You know they're interested and actively shopping – you just don't know who they are. You might follow them around the Web with generic, cookie-based retargeting ads, but there is a better way. Here’s how it works:


  1. Prospective customers visit your website.

  2. Embedded pixel captures IP address and URL of visitor.

  3. A profile is built with full contact, demographic and/or firmographic information.

  4. Personalized ad is sent via any channel, including direct mail, programatic display ads, social media ads, or email.

  5. Performance is measured and reported.  

Download Anonymous Website Visitor Identification info sheet:

printable information Anonymous Website Visitor Identification

90% of website visitors remain unknown.

Identify previously Anonymous Website Visitors
Digital Canvassing

Get more information on Digital Canvassing:

printable information Geofencing Marketing

Digital Canvassing

Digital Canvassing is the online equivalent to the yard sign or door hangers a service company leaves for neighbors after completing a project. Here’s how it works:


  • We identify physical addresses of houses in a defined radius around the origin address.

  • The physical address is matched to an IP address for each household.

  • Highly-targeted digital ads are served to all devices (computer, smart phone, tablet) in the household based on matched IP addresses.

  • Messaging and imagery can be tailored to a specific neighborhood.

  • Great for when the implied endorsement of one neighbor to another is important – realtors, cleaning services, home repair and improvement, lawn and pool care, HVAC and solar energy, roofing and remodeling, etc. 

Other Data and List Services

Learn about our managed Content Marketing services

Greater marketing results come from the combination of new technologies and marketing intelligence. Praqtical Marketing Works partners with leaders in the fields of data analytics and decision science to provide: 

  • Descriptive Modeling – cluster analysis, segmentation, market and personality profiling 

  • Predictive Modeling – target selection, flight risk analysis, and next logical product cross-sell analysis

  • Data augmentation and analysis to segment, clone, and create targeting personas of existing customers

  • Data append, including email address, landline and cellular telephone numbers

  • CASS processing

  • Deceased suppression

  • NCOA (National Change of Address) services


Contact us today to get aimed in the right direction with a highly-targeted 'in-market' prospect list for your business. 

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