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Boost Your Online Marketing Performance Today!

To succeed in business, understanding your online presence and performance is critical. Praqtical Marketing Works’ Online Performance Review is an award-winning marketing needs assessment that provides actionable insights into your business's online marketing performance. Learn how the Online Performance Review can help your business thrive in the digital landscape.

“Elevate your online marketing game today with a FREE Online Performance Review and watch your business soar to new heights!”
Online Performance Review

The Online Performance Review begins with the display of essential business information that is used to evaluate your digital marketing performance within your industry. The Overall Score then indicates how well your digital marketing is performing relative to others in your field. The closer your score is to 100%, the better your online marketing efforts are performing. In addition to this overall score, the Online Performance Review provides insights into six key digital marketing categories:

  1. Listings and Listing Presence: To put your business on the map, accurate listings across multiple directories are essential. These listings ensure that potential customers can find your business online. The Listing Presence grade shows how well your listings are optimized, while Listing Accuracy assesses whether your business details are correct.

  2. Data Provider Accuracy: The Online Performance Review evaluates how accurately your business listings are distributed across major listing providers. Green indicates accurate listings, yellow means some errors are present, and red indicates your business isn't found in the listings.

  3. Reviews and Social: Positive reviews are vital for building trust and credibility. The Online Performance Review grades your online reviews and offers solutions to manage and improve your reputation. Similarly, social media plays a significant role in customer engagement. The report grades your social media presence and offers Social Marketing solutions to grow your fan base.

  4. Website, Mobile, and Desktop: Your website's loading speed is critical for user experience. The Online Performance Review assesses your website's loading speed on mobile and desktop, providing recommendations for improvements. The Homepage Content grade ensures vital business information is displayed on the first page customers see.

  5. Digital Advertising: To reach targeted audiences effectively, digital advertising is key. The Online Performance Review identifies potential keywords for ad campaigns and compares your campaign performance with competitors. It also evaluates your use of retargeting to keep potential customers engaged.

  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Good SEO practices improve your website's ranking in search results. The Online Performance Review examines your local search results, organic keyword performance, and ranking, offering valuable insights to enhance your SEO strategy.

Letter grades are assigned to each category based on the business’s performance – just like a digital report card. The Online Performance Review is a powerful tool for businesses to understand their online marketing performance and identify areas for improvement. By leveraging its automated insights, businesses can optimize their digital marketing efforts and secure a competitive edge in the digital landscape. Get a FREE Online Performance Review from Praqtical Marketing Works today and take your online marketing to new heights!


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